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The Tanzanian UK Diaspora Community began its journey in 2017 when a committee of 16 Tanzanians sought to harness the dynamism of a rapidly growing Tanzanian Diaspora Community as well as the affection and loyalty of those British born Tanzanian who wants to keep their links with the country they love”

Bi Lynne Kimaro | Chairperson

Our values

UNITY (PAMOJA) – we revive our village spirit of togetherness; we struggle together we win/harvest together and we celebrate/eat/drink together.

LOVE (UPENDO) – the love we shared where our children belong to us, yours is mine, we are brothers and sisters always there for each other and

PEACE(AMANI) – we are each other’s career/protector, your safety is my safety, that feeling that we have security around us is enough. Hence our special greeting that says, TZUK DIASPORA COMMUNITY!!! The Reply – Tuko PAMOJA kwa UPENDO na AMANI

The organisation shall liaise with or work in close co-operation with other entities, groups with similar interest, goals and focus, while maintaining autonomy as an independent entity. Over the years, we have been addressed by a wide range of speakers including Tanzania government officials, British diplomats, charity organizers, authors, conservationists, business leaders and historians. The organisation ultimate goal is to contribute towards members’ efforts, aimed at improving quality of individual life, relationships and cooperation. The highlights of our year are the Annual General Meeting, Annual Dinner and Dance and Summer Outdoor Party.

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