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From Brain Drain to Brain Gain: Harnessing the Skills and Experience of Tanzania’s Diaspora

The importance of knowledge, experience, skills, and financial resources of Tanzanian in the Diaspora as a vital contribution to national growth therefore, established formal mechanisms via TDC Global to encourage and facilitate Diaspora engagement.

Recognition is needed to involve the regions of the United Republic of Tanzania to fully collaborate with Diaspora in different areas of economic development and welfare of the region activities and local Government should be encouraged, on the replication of the Central Government level initiatives and systems at region level.

Each region should create an office specifically to deal with Diaspora activities and encourage the Diaspora to engage at region as well as national development level. These efforts, should be accompanied by a range of policy reforms and other measures to facilitate Diaspora participation, and should be encouraged and widely

Diaspora of Tanzania abroad, account for significant share of the country GDP. $770Million pa, Africa diaspora remittances is higher than FDI and other support from the rest of the wold, Similarly, the contribution of the TZUK Diaspora in terms of skills, expertise and transfer of knowledge to Tanzania is invaluable though this potential is not yet fully developed or harnessed.

Despite of the enormous potential of Tanzanian living abroad, there are challenges hindering its contribution to national development. Some of the challenges include; the prohibitive cost of remitting money, inadequate capacity to offer consular services, inadequate mechanisms of protecting Tanzanian in the Diaspora, weak structures to inform Tanzanian in the Diaspora of investment opportunities, untapped skills and expertise of Tanzanian living abroad and lack of an integrated database on Tanzanian abroad.

Tapping into Diaspora talents to reverse the current brain drain and designing a dedicated web portal to facilitate collection of data and profiles of Tanzanian abroad for proper planning and engagement.

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