Our Constitution

At our 2ND Annual General Meeting on 05 May 2018, we unanimously adopted our Constitution with immediate effect.
Since then, times have changed and the Society has evolved. It was therefore considered sensible to bring the Constitution more in line with present-day needs and realities.

A Friendship Network

The main change was to amend the objectives of the Organisation. The Constitution now sets out objectives focused on the Organisation as a friendship network. This approach found overwhelming support in the Members Survey conducted in 2017-18

We envisage empowering and supporting the Diaspora communities in awareness, advocacy of community cohesion and mobilization that viably contribute to socio-economic development, while promoting, expanding and enhancing good relations and cooperation.

In addition, members of the Committee may now serve for a maximum of three years at a time. This is intended to encourage wider participation and turnover so that the Committee can better reflect the wishes and interests of members.

Three Year Committee Cycle

Enhance the spirit of volunteerism by creating a TZUK Diaspora Volunteers Corps with short-term and long-term ‘Plan of Action’ to coordinate diaspora’s participation in emergency relief activities and other provision of other assistance as required.
More generally, the Constitution was made shorter and simplified to make it more appropriate to a voluntary members’ club. The new Constitution retains all the essential elements of its predecessor but makes them more accessible and easier to understand.

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