Usafiri Fund

Usafiri Fund aims to help TZUK community members purchase airline tickets and give members the option to pay back the fees in instalments. The project aims to relieve the stress of having a lump sum to purchase the plane ticket at a time when post covid financial difficulties are still affecting most families and even more so immigrant families in the UK.


  • To have a fund where members can benefit from when in need of travel funds.
  • To have a fund available to help members purchase and pay for a planned future travel in lump sum from the fund and pay in instalments back to the fund towards their date of travel.
  • To secure and make available competitively priced airline tickets for the members of our community to benefit from.


  • The member can apply and benefit from the fund if they are current active members of TZUK, and
  • They have been active members of TZUK for a time not less than 12 months, and
  • Their membership fees are up to date on the date of application to request for Usafiri fund, and
  • The planned travel date is more than 3 months away from the date of their application, and
  • In case the applicant is planning to travel with others, and requesting to purchase a ticket together, the other people who they will travel with must also be listed as beneficiaries on their active membership status. These are normally husband/wife and children and parents as listed during membership application.


  • Usafiri fund will be a kind way to honor our loyal members who have been in the organization for a year plus.
  • Members will be able to borrow funds to pay for airline tickets and pay in back in a number of installments.
  • Members can choose to pay in either 3, 6 or 9 installments depending on the amount borrowed and traveling arrangements.

Usafiri Fund administration fee

There will be a flat charge administration fee of £25 per head.

Date of travel changes and fees

If a member would like to change the dates of travel after the ticket has been purchased, all the extra amount which will be required to update to a new travel date will be paid for by the applicant and will not be covered by the fund. There will also be a £5 administration fee payable to the fund for the time taken to make the changes.

Ticket cancellation and penalties

  • If the member decides to cancel their ticket and they will no longer travel as planned, the information should be communicated in writing to the designated agent and the procedure of ticket cancellation will be followed as below:
  • The applicant informs the designated agent by writing an email to request ticket cancellation giving reasons.
  • Designated agent will call the applicant and confirm their need to cancel the ticket and explain the consequences of doing so.
  • The applicant will be liable to pay the cancellation fee as set up by the airline as the fee will not be paid by the fund.
  • The applicant should be aware that only the sum of principal amount already paid to the fund towards their installments will be refunded. All other contributions which are; the interest per installment which is already paid and any administration fees paid will not be refunded.
  • There will be a £5 administration fee to process any ticket cancellation which has been funded by the project.
  • There will be a Fixed interest rate of 9% per transaction, the interest rate applied to the principal amount borrowed will not change.
  • Members who have met the above eligibility criteria and would wish to apply and benefit from Usafiri Fund are required to fill an application form below.
  • A member who is currently in contract and has purchased a ticket under Usafiri Fund and wish to change dates or cancel their ticket are required to fill a change/cancellation form below.


A list of terms and conditions are exhaustively listed in the application/cancellation forms above.

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