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One of the TZUK objectives is to help in all other ways possible upon bereavement.

One of the TZUK objectives is to help in all other ways possible upon bereavement.

The association shall repatriate the member’s remains to Tanzania or meet the costs of burial in the UK. The body is to be transported and accorded with dignity. The cost shall be;

  1. Casket
  2. Body preparation
  3. Documentation
  4. Accompanying person, if necessary.
  5. Any other costs arising from the funeral director

PROVISO: Economy permitting the organisation/community shall pay the costs of other family members, where necessary but to be paid back with 0% interest by the family members upon returning from the funeral or the cost may be covered by unconditional generous contributions from members.


Committee shall be appointed to oversee the bereavement and shall be responsibility of the executive secretary under Chairman guidance in executive committee.

TZUK shall assist with the burial at a fixed cost £3000 which will be payable immediately, when a member or immediate family member passes on and is interred in the UK. The sum may help with funeral director cost

In case a member reports a death in the family eligible, back in Tanzania, the following costs will be met by the organisation.

  1. Flight fare for one member
  2. If it is two or more members in the family, the cost will be met as an interest free loan to be paid as soon as the arrive back.
  3. A sum of £1000 as the organisation’ condolences.

Further optional donations shall continue to be collected at the bereaved address. It is our obligation to ensure we console our members and provide material and moral support whenever possible


A claim can be made if a member loses one of his family members. The members of the family eligible/qualifying are:

  1. Mother
  2. Father
  3. Daughter
  4. Son
  5. Wife
  6. Husband.

These are deemed to be immediate family members and their names shall be in an organisation register/records for the claim to be valid.

Parents or Guardians limited to two, the numbers of wives or husband is limited to one and immediate family members namely daughters or sons are limited to five, and shall be in the register of immediate family members in the organisation record file.

For the above eligibility to be triggered a minimum membership period of six month is required either by paying an annual membership subscription or six-month subscription at once.

In order to fulfil the above more effectively as to organisation ultimate goal to contribute towards members’ efforts, aimed at improving quality of individual life, Culture awareness, teaching Swahili to Tanzanian Children abroad, education support and transfer of knowledge to the less fortunate, relationships, bereavement support and cooperation etc, the organisation shall solicit family life insurance to its member’s through a third party insurer, among Tanzanian living in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, this will be clarified in the organisation, Life insurance policy from reputed insurance company in the United Kingdom, and offered through the organisation at discounted price with great incentives ie Full funeral cost cover and pay out of up to £20,000 to the family or family’s next of kin, the discounted premium will vary depending on age, health status, social behaviour etc.

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